“Mix Your Metals”

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If you have been following my posts on Instagram you probably have already noticed that I am not shy about mixing my golds and silvers when it comes to my jewelry style. Sure, there are the supposed “rules” of wearing “like” metals together but today, with the beautiful varieties of gold, rose gold, silver and gunmetal pieces, it’s just so easy to mix it up and create a fabulous combination!

Specifically with bracelets, it takes little effort to pair combinations of bangles, links and chains that are a variety of different colors. I am especially partial to mixing the antiqued gold pieces that I own with gunmetals and antiqued silvers. I love the muted tones together and of course when gemstones or crystals are mixed in the group it breaks up the metals for a more blended, smooth look.

There ARE a few rules however that I tend to abide by if I’m going to choose to mix it up for the day. If I am wearing a handbag with a specific hardware color, I make sure that the metal on the handbag is the predominant color used in my jewelry combination. I also tend to wear the same metal color in my earrings as I do in my necklaces, leaving more play to mix it up with my bracelets and rings.

But then of course, there are always those days when a sole metal just kind of takes over my day……

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