“Denim and Diamonds” Beaded Bracelet Set


“Denim and Diamonds” Charm Bracelet Set

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A gorgeous combination of Labrodorite, Dumortierite, Blue Sodalite, Grey Freshwater Pearls and Pave Crystal and gemstone bracelets are elegantly designed with gunmetal and gold pave charms and beads. Each bracelet is beautiful on its own but stunning as a set. The gold bangle with crystal evil eyes is added to the set giving it the style typical of an Yvette Mandell design. Please allow one week for production.  Includes 6 pieces. Available as a set or individually.

  • Gunmetal and gold finish
  • approx 7-7.25″
  • Stretch cord for slip on style
  • Lobster clasp closure for link bracelet

Set Includes

  • Grey Freshwater Pearl/Gold Pave Feather Bracelet
  • Blue Sodalite/Mother of Pearl Gold Finish Pave Elephant Bracelet
  • Dumortierite/Gunmetal Pave Arrowhead Bracelet
  • Labradorite Gold Pave Bead Bracelet
  • Gunmetal Pave Link Bracelet
  • Gold Finish Evil Eye Bangle